Is there any way to fight acne and allergies from wearing a mask?

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    In the face of the increasingly complicated Covid-19 epidemic in many countries around the world, most people choose to use a mask to prevent the risk of infection. However, wearing a mask continuously like this can easily cause some people to develop skin irritation or breakouts.During the current Covid-19 epidemic, masks are being used more and more. But we must also note that wearing must ensure standards, in order to promote disease prevention and safety for the health of users.

    Quality medical masks need to ensure that the surface is clean and properly disinfected, without holes or linters, and at the same time not causing skin irritation to the wearer's face. In addition, the mask strap must be sewn firmly to the 4 corners, with good elasticity to be worn easily. The nose splint part is made from plastic or metal, with the effect of clamping the mask snugly on the bridge of the nose.

    - Waterproof, non-allergic, safe for users.
    - Good elastic straps, giving a comfortable feeling to wear.
    - Products are trusted and selected by many people.

    Specification for this item: (Antibacterial 4 ply)
    Name Code: ECOM01
    Color: Blue / White
    Barcode No: 893619419001
    Packaging: 50 pcs/box; 50 boxes/ carton
    Weight: 12,5 kg/carton
    Box Dimension (cm): L16 x W13,5 x H14
    Carton dimension (cm): ): L69 x W33,5 x H71,5

    Currently on the market there are many different types of masks for you to choose from, but medical masks are still the best-selling product because of its convenience and safety. Medical masks with many layers have many different uses such as: Water resistance, preventing droplets from spreading out into the environment, antibacterial, fine dust filter ... are said to be more effective than the aperture. normal fabric page. Moreover, the medical mask design is very convenient and compact, you can easily carry it with you, after using it, users just need to throw it in the trash, no need to wash and dry it takes much time.

    Antibacterial 4 ply The outermost waterproof nonwoven fabric, followed by a layer of dust filter, antibacterial, followed by a layer of activated carbon and finished with a layer of moisture resistant moisture.In general, the 4-layer medical mask is not much different from the 3-layer medical mask, the biggest difference lies in the activated carbon filter cloth. Activated carbon has long been used in the treatment of impurities in water, air ... Therefore, it is also used in the production of page exports to increase the effect of fine dust filtration and prevent some types of chemicals. toxic substances and gases such as: CO2, SO2, H2S ... thereby minimizing the harmful effects on human health.

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